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Future Work: St. Fagans Workshop and The Deer Initiative

December 17, 2017

Guerilla Archaeology

The Hart of Ely project is coming to an end, and we are very grateful to the City Region Exchange for funding it, and allowing us to share knowledge and experiences with the local area.

This is not necessarily the end of it all however. The project was part of a successful seedcorn funding application (£2150) to the Cultural Practice Research Network, a Cardiff University initiative for research to enhance community resilience through culture. This project, ‘Antler Work: making a methodology for cultural and practical learning in community groups’ is led by Rachel Hurdley, one of the HOE members.  This extended the HOE project into new territory by collaborating with Amgueddfa Cymru/National Museum Wales via an antler workshop and learning event at St Fagans Museum of Welsh History in November. The HOE team, supported by three Men in Sheds members, worked with community groups, including the Cardiff Solace dementia support…

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