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Arthur’s Quoit: Coetan Arthur, St Davids

October 9, 2016



As yet another imbecilic newspaper headline emerges about where King Arthur might have been born, eaten a burger, fought against constipation and died, I find myself inspired to write about a summer visit to Coetan Arther (PRN 2623).

dsc07199Situated north of Whitesands Bay on St David’s Head, the Neolithic burial chamber is located on moorland in a landscape rich in monuments and traces, including the promontary fort Clawydd y Milwyr.

dsc07190The capstone measures c. 4m by 2m (according to Archwilio and Coflein), although the megalithic portal has it at 5.9m by 2.6m). It is partially collapsed but still supported by one surviving upright. The other big upright is now resting at the side. Two sidestones also lie prostrate beside the stone. The chamber is polygonal and there are traces of a round cairn around it.

According to Archwilio and Coflein, there is a line of stones to the west leading to the…

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