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Tories: teach children NOT to share toys to “inoculate” them against socialism

Pride's Purge

Remarkable, but true.

The Tories latest anguished attempt to find a way to halt their long-term collapse in support as their elderly fan base dies away is to tell parents to teach their children not to share things with other children:

How to inoculate your children against socialism

The bizarre article on the influential grassroots Conservative Home website also advises parents not to take away what it refers to as a child’s “private property” (toys to you and me) – even as a punishment:

The author of these tinfoil hat suggestions – JP Floru – is a Tory councillor in posh Westminster. He also works for the Adam Smith Institute and writes for the Tory-front organisation the Taxpayers Alliance.

Oh, and he only likes to watch films that have rich people in them.

Floru – a Brexit supporting EU immigrant – also seems to believe the fact…

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The Lost City of Gogyrfan: Uncovering a Landscape of Legend

Source: The Lost City of Gogyrfan: Uncovering a Landscape of Legend

The Lost City of Gogyrfan: Uncovering a Landscape of Legend

Hidden Britain

I felt rather overdressed as we struggled up the steep earth bank, the sun scouring the early morning mist from the hillside. As we placed our feet on the dark brown earth, we were merely brushing the surface of an ancient landscape more composed of myth than physical reality.

The Wrong Hill

Finally, after a long hard climb, we reached the top of the hill. The view was incredible and stretched towards Wales, Cheshire and Shropshire. However, our moment of elation was punctured as we noticed the hill we had intended to climb was some way over to the west!

Reaching the Summit

Another long arduous hill climb later and we had reached the summit of Old Oswestry Hill Fort, one of a chain of hill forts which dominate the Welsh Marches in Shropshire. As we looked around the windy summit, the ramparts and ditches began to tell us their…

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Landmark benefits judgment almost nobody’s talking about

Source: Landmark benefits judgment almost nobody’s talking about

Landmark benefits judgment almost nobody’s talking about


As the Daily Mirror announced yesterday, the ‘Upper Tribunal’ (UT) – the body that rules on the most serious benefits disputes – ruled against the government’s treatment of benefits claimants in its ‘mandatory reconsideration’ regime:

mirror cpag.pngSince 2013, if a claimant is denied benefits, s/he has to apply for a mandatory reconsideration (MR) – basically asking the same people who just denied the claim to think again – before an appeal against the decision can be made. According to the government’s procedure, the MR request has to be made within a month of the decision – so missing that deadline cuts off the applicant from the appeals process, denying justice to thousands of people.

The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) brought a legal challenge to the UT on behalf of two women with mental and physical health problems, who had missed the 1-month deadline – and won.

The UT said that…

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Reporting Scotland – Scotlands National Disgrace!

Source: Reporting Scotland – Scotlands National Disgrace!

Reporting Scotland – Scotlands National Disgrace!


So Jackie…what are you up too?

Reporting Scotland reported on the exam results last night, Jackie started off by saying that there was a record number of Scottish children being able to obtain a place at university because of their exam results and that this included an increase in the number of children from deprived areas but critics say this is despite SNP policy….

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