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Stigmatising unemployment: the government has redefined it as a psychological disorder

via Stigmatising unemployment: the government has redefined it as a psychological disorder


Stigmatising unemployment: the government has redefined it as a psychological disorder

Politics and Insights

proper Blond

The current government has made the welfare system increasingly conditional on the grounds that “permissive” welfare policies have led to welfare “dependency.” Strict behavioural requirements and punishments in the form of sanctions are an integral part of the Conservative ideological pseudo-moralisation of welfare, and their  “reforms” aimed at making claiming benefits much less attractive than taking a low paid, insecure, exploitative job.

Welfare has been redefined: it is preoccupied with assumptions about and modification of the behaviour and character of recipients rather than with the alleviation of poverty and ensuring economic and social wellbeing.

The stigmatisation of people needing benefits is designed purposefully to displace public sympathy for the poor, and to generate moral outrage, which is then used to further justify the steady dismantling of the welfare state.

But the problems of austerity and the economy were not caused by people claiming welfare, or by any other powerless, scapegoated…

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This is just wrong

via This is just wrong

This is just wrong

Grumpy Scottish Man

I saw this story this weekend and had to do a double take.

Newspapers all over the country will receive funding from the BBC to fund so called local democracy reporters at a cost of £8 million pounds per year.

Scotland it is being reported to have been awarded the most reporters, there’s a f surprise. This deal is being couched as ending the rivalry between the BBC and mainstream media, no this smacks of the state now having a foothold in the so called independent media, and in particular Scotland, all in time for another referendum.

The BBC are reporting this as Local News Partnerships and it is a disgrace if you ask me and an absolute step too far with tax payer monies. This undermines the news even worse than it is now and could you imagine if this were RT News doing this in the U.K. Just…

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At the end of the day its about land and money.

My Poetry and thoughts from the walking poet

Dear reader,

Walking this morning December 9th, on the first fall of real snow in the Rhymney Valley for many years at this time of the year. I left my house at 7 55am and walk the ice cake white and fruity brown path.

I look back and catch the sky on fire.


My boots make a soft crunching sound and I leave my foot prints behind.

I walk towards my open space beauty Gelligaer & Merthyr Common. The pools are still frozen and there is no bird sound.

I think on politics and the DUP, DUP has bitten the Tory hand that fed it a bribe during the last election. This is not new the DUP have always taken bribes for votes from the Tories. Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU and so did I but I live in Wales. Northern Ireland is part of Ireland…

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Video: May surrenders to EU/DUP, chooses ‘civil war’ with Brexiteers

via Video: May surrenders to EU/DUP, chooses ‘civil war’ with Brexiteers

Video: May surrenders to EU/DUP, chooses ‘civil war’ with Brexiteers



Last night, the SKWAWKBOX exclusively broke the news that Theresa May had reached a deal with Ireland and the EU on the Irish border that was acceptable to the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) – by means of capitulation to the wishes of both the EU/Ireland (RoI) and the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party).

May was faced with a stark choice between an ‘Irish sea border’ solution that would have lost her the support of the DUP and cost the Tories their tenuous ‘confidence and supply’ majority – and surrendering to the EU, RoI and the DUP in a ‘whole UK stays in’ option that would trigger civil war with her hard-Brexit faction.

She chose surrender.

BBC News initially hailed the official announcement of the ‘agreement’ this morning as a ‘breakthrough’ – and continues to use that in its headlines and banners – but even the BBC couldn’t prevent reality starting…

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