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Would We Be Better Off Now, If We Had More Renewables?

November 6, 2022


By Paul Homewood

h/t Paul Kolk


It covers some of the main factors, such as:

  • The dash for gas in the 1990s, and consequent over reliance on imported gas
  • The failure by successive governments to build nuclear power stations
  • Lack of gas storage, going back to cancellation of plans in 2008
  • David Cameron’s cancelling of subsidies for onshore wind and solar power

The first two items are clearly making the UK more vulnerable now. But quite astonishingly I can find no mention at all of the deliberate policy of phasing out coal power, begun in Tony Blair’s day. It is this which more than anything which has made us too reliant on gas.

Gas storage is a bit of a red herring, as it can only help in the short term, and does not address the underlying problems.

But I want to focus here on the last item on…

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