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Mynydd y Betws two years on – what’s all the fuss about? Archaeology of course.

July 8, 2022

The Heritage Journal

It is now two years since the stone alignment on Bancbryn at Mynydd y Betws was identified. Those wishing to visit the area will find that a once peaceful hill now often resonates with the sound of huge industrial turbines. The whole setting is very different and the area is littered with signposts and bollards denoting the new roads which have recently been carved through a rich archaeological landscape containing three scheduled ancient monuments.

Bancbryn – new road and bollards. Turbine tips on skyline. Bancbryn – new road and bollards. Turbine tips on skyline.

As regular readers of the Heritage Journal will be aware, for the past two years I have struggled to make sense of the original decision which permitted this seemingly important area to be desecrated. After all it was not even within an area highlight by the Welsh Government as particularly suitable for this type of development and both the archaeological agencies Cadw and Dyfed Archaeological Trust…

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