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What is going on around Eglwysilan Common?

June 1, 2022


It was a first for me: farmers unwilling to walk up a track on a common for fear of being threatened.  But that happened on a visit to see some very odd things being done on Eglwysilan Common following a phone call from  a long-time group member of Open Spaces Society, Mynydd Eglwysilan Association.

There are three commons to the east of the A470 and Taff river: Mynydd Mayo, Eglwysilan, and Craig Evan Leyshon.  We drove up to Nelson to access the byway which runs down the eastern side of Eglwysilan common  to Caerphilly. The common is shaped like an upside down horseshoe around Abertridwr and Senghenydd.

There are over 30 commoners, farmers with grazing rights (or “stints”) for a certain number of livestock in addition to their own land.  A calculation of the share is made for each commoner for the single farm payment – it is important to…

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