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my poem titled ‘Something is Missing’ from my collection titled ‘Spirit Cracked not Broken’

March 28, 2021

Poems and thoughts from the walking poet

Something is Missing

From a distance everything looks

peaceful, blue and green.

Aura enticing you to the contours of magical mystical

mother earth.

Rounded breathing in and out.

Voyeur, I witness the ménage de trois

of the moon, sun and earth.

Embracing sun’s thrusting fullness

drawn into the breasts and womb.

The rain sucked up by heat rays,

creating haze, to a cascade of euphoric tears.

Stripped bare by the winds of autumn,

feeling the pulse and body

of the fertile soil.

Th rush of spring throws

forward the seed,

unfurling leaves of the new born.

The moon seduces the sea, pulling tides

of orgasmic oceans.

Crushing, crashing, ebbing

flowing to the magnetic force.

Revealing the winter of the soul bare,

bleak, black barren.

Flowers of innocents stunted

before they bloomed,

tangled in the ivy of materialism

envy and jealousy.

We cannot embody our light

without shadow

or disregard sorrow.

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