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Vi Subversa (Désir Nocturne #1)

December 26, 2020

Brob Tilt's zine-world

As far as I can remember Désir Nocturne was a one-off (published in 1998). It was made by Lara A. when she’d moved from Biel/Bienne (Switzerland) to Paris. Lara was the mother of the daughter she had with Pablo (‘The Prophet’) and she had collaborated in various of his zines (e.g. No Sanctuary). In this one here she published a talk with her (then) 51/2 years old daughter Suzy and an interview with ‘Flav’ (singer of ‘Paris Violence’). There’s also thoughts on love and fidelity. There’s also (a reprint of) a criticism on local exchange systems, info on fertility-signs and this account of a conversation with Vi Subversa around the time ‘Posion Girls‘ had their CD-box out…

[Translation below]

VI SUBVERSA [Frances Sokolov; born 1935, R.I.P. 2016] was the singer of the English anarcho-punk band POISON GIRLS that formed in ‘76 when she was 42 years old…

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