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“See the future leaking through”: Coil and Time

October 23, 2020

Corse Present

Coil were always a conceptual project that was located in, and concerned with, time in ways that are only now becoming fully clear. The name itself is a way of cheating time: a coil is a contraceptive device used by women to avoid reproduction, and so providing a way to opt out of hereditary time; and the DNA double helix is the ultimate evolved time machine, an eternal parasite shifting from host to host through the lust impulse. Their early releases also speak to the cheating of time in oblique ways. How to Destroy Angels is specifically focussed on the accumulation of male sexual energy, and Scatology points to the anal, non-reproductive use of sexual lust. The occult aspect of this is geared toward the creation of the magickal child, the non-material issue of ritual congress. But it also encompasses an anti-production ethos, a refusal to countenance the idea of…

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