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Talk about a brass neck

June 11, 2020



The behaviour of the slabbering benches of the former Ruth Davidson for Scotland party at Holyrood, and their current grand master flash, Jackson Carloan, over the period of the current pandemic, would surely give yer arse a sore head.

Pick pick, nit pick, and pick again. Nike Conference, get that dreadful Calderwood woman sacked for driving over the Forth Bridge, “there cannot be one rule for bosses and another for everyone else”, The Nike Conference again, ‘Oh we’re so confused because the nasty separatists have set different lockdown rules to our beloved motherland’, back tae the Nike Conference, ‘we’re on to you Nicola because all of this effective leadership during a pandemic is just a secret plan to further your obsession on independence’, the Nike Conference again, and then running for the underground soundproof bunker, in case they were asked for a quote, when their unelected leader in London decided…

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