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“ The risk to the country is very low “

April 8, 2020

Grumpy Scottish Man

That was what Public Health England reported on January 19th in the Observer as news was breaking about the extent of the crisis in China.

If we had a decent media in this country they would be asking the right questions, but no they spout shite like everyone is looking up to the UK, Boris Johnson is a fighter , a special man. The government and their advisors ignored all of the evidence, all of the warnings, how many have paid with their lives for their inaction.

There was even a journalist on the radio today saying “the NHS has enough money and the issue is productivity”, really. Emily Carver (Institute for Economic Affairs) was the journalist. Self confessed Tory working for an organization that takes money from Tobacco Companies and favors private health care. You just can’t make this stuff up can you. Yet these people get air time…

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