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The Betty Windsor Show

April 5, 2020

Wee Ginger Dug

Rejoice! Let the bunting fly, for Betty Windsor is to address us. Well that solves all our problems, said no one ever. The BBC and assorted other crawlers, sychophants, and brown nosers insist on telling us how unusual it is for Mrs Mountbatten to address the plebs when it’s not Christmas, as though this should somehow make us think that we’re in for a treat as we watch an elderly and extremely privileged and wealthy woman mouth some platitudes in a plummy accent.

It would be nice if she apologised for the behaviour of her son, who buggered off to rural Aberdeenshire after the Scottish government had expressly said that people shouldn’t travel to their holiday homes in rural areas of Scotland. In doing so he spread the virus locally, and in his entitlement deprived the local population of the services of a much needed acute respitory infection team who…

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