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A disease of British nationalism

June 29, 2019

Wee Ginger Dug


Scottish social media is yet again working itself up into a lather over sectarianism at a fitba match. The Kilmarnock manager Steve Clarke was subjected to a torrent of sectarian abuse from a contingent of Rangers fans at a recent match. Yet again, a minority of Rangers fans have succeeded in confirming the image of their club, and of Scotland in general, as a pigswill filled bucket of antediluvian sectarian hatred. So thanks for that. There’s the ugly truth about British nationalism for you.

There are some who have been blaming Catholic schools for sectarianism. That’s a classic case of victim blaming. I went to Catholic schools, and do not look fondly upon the experience.  Being a gay teenager at a Catholic school in Coatbridge in the 1970s was not a bundle of laughs.  But Catholic schools are not the cause of sectarianism in Scotland. Catholic schools are a product…

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