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The double standards of the Scottish media: Part 7,952

May 5, 2019

Wee Ginger Dug

Here we go again. More rank double standards from the Scottish media. I don’t listen to BBC Scotland at the best of times, and certainly not in the mornings, and most especially not the morning after a pro-independence march and rally when I’m knackered and my ageing bones are aching and my throat is hoarse from shouting above a sound system blasting out music.

Yesterday was a great day. Tens of thousands of independence supporters from all over Scotland came out onto the streets of Glasgow to disprove those who claim that there’s no support for independence and that Scotland doesn’t want another referendum. It was a massive vindication of Scottish independence, and the mass grassroots movement which seeks to attain it.

You might think that the march and rally would have been the big independence topic in the media the following day. Well not really, you’d only think that…

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