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Kronstadt 1917

May 29, 2018


This poem by an anarchist sailor appeared in Vol’nyi Kronshtadt, October 1917.


Come gather beneath the black banner
Men of honour, of struggle and toil,
Come ignite the fires of rebellion
In the hearts of the chained and oppressed.

Awaken your slumbering Russia
Call the people to enter the fight
To strike down the sated bloodsuckers
And cast off the tyrannous yoke.

Go down into the damp cellars
Where the slaves of poverty die
Where echo the moans of the injured
And darkness reigns unopposed.

Go down if your hearts are atremble
If your spirits with goodness are full
Where blood flows like rivers in springtime
And the earth shakes from groans of the poor.

We are tired of this evil tragedy
Of the eternal torments of fate
So advance to the world of Anarchism
To the world of the scared Commune.

Seaman Stepan Stepanov

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