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An open letter to Nick Hurd MP    

February 22, 2018

Cannabis Oil, Cannabinoids and Terpenes

21st February 2018

Dear Mr. Hurd,

Yesterday in Parliament, Mr. Crispin Blunt MP asked the Government to make a statement regarding the case of Hannah Deacon, who is fighting for access to cannabinoids to treat her son Alfie’s rare form of epilepsy.

You responded that you and the Government “sympathised deeply” and that you “understand and respect the desire of the family to try to alleviate his suffering in any way possible”

It is obvious Mr. Hurd that you do not understand at all, Alfie suffers from a rare form of epilepsy that is life-threatening; it is not a case of a parent trying to “alleviate suffering”, it is a case of a desperate parent trying to save the life of their seriously ill child.

You also pointed out that supplying cannabis “is unlawful”, my friends and I at are fully aware of that, we have been forced into…

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