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Silent weapons for quiet wars – hoax, warning, or elite blueprint for global domination?

January 31, 2018

Henri's Web Space

1299240386_folderSilent Weapons for quiet wars – An Introductory Programming Manual is a document of uncertain origin that allegedly outlines the Elites’ blueprint for ultimate control of our planet.

The document was apparently first published in 1991 by the late William Cooper in his controversial book Behold a pale horse. David Icke also quotes it in his works, for instance in The Perception Deception, published in 2014, where he writes that the document “appropriately details at length how the financial system is controlled and directed towards the goal of human control.”

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - The Lawful Path Click on cover to view PDF version of the pamphlet originally posted on

While the authorship and origin of this pamphlet remain uncertain, as you will read, many of the concepts it contains are certainly reasonable, important, and merit careful consideration as an expose of mass manipulation and control techniques.

The pamphlet opens by stating, “This…

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