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Inventing History to Save the Union

November 3, 2017

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

Britain has a rich and interesting history. As Britain gets closer to becoming history we have to watch out for the nation-building myths that are now being deployed to save a dying Union by presenting Blighty as the best thing since sliced bread.

Nation states, to a greater or lesser extent, rely on a unifying mythology that helps the people of the nation identify as part of the nation. Without such a nation-building narrative the psycho-social cohesion that gives rise to the popular acceptance of common nationhood would not be possible. Such myths may be rooted in versions of historical memories, shared cultural assets; language, folk tales and such like. Scotland is built on as many of these myths as England, France, and Japan. Now that the British state has entered into a period of uncertainty – where its future as a state is anything but…

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