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August 3, 2017

Ian Bone

ordsall 13

The difference between the gang on the Ordsall estate which became Ordsall Class War and the other gangs mentioned was that the Ordsall gang consciously decided to become political. I think it was Sean Keating who described it ‘the year a criminal gang became political’ and at its heart were Ken and Sean Keating. I can’t recall in modern times of any similar transformation.
The day after the Poll Tax Riot Strangeways prison erupted. The police got the fire brigade to train their hoses on the mutineers on the roof. The Ordsall mob cut the hoses and warned the fire brigade they would be attacked like the cops whenever they entered Ordsall. They stopped. Day after day you could Hear Ken with his megaphone urging the mutineers on.

The political theory that grabbed Ordsall Class War was ‘The catechism of a revolutionary’ by Sergei Nechaev. It suited their all or…

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