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Oblivion of Faith

May 25, 2017

Wu Lian / 巫蓮

Jumping between dimensions where time and space exist or not, Faith may become something what create borders on your way. You probably have some guiding rules or precepts what you keep, here they may become the obstacles. Visiting certain dimensions, you do not cling to certain doctrine as it will become something what sets the limits at the places where you wish to go. Your own Faith’s limits may build a hell for your Soul, a cage. The highest Wisdom for the Soul is deliberative. Your own (?) Mind creates the world around, do not chop off your hands when you still need them (if so)… Oblivion of Faith, as all of the ways lead to the same place, as they say — is needed to leave clinging to the precepts themselves.

Oblivion of Faith opens for you possibility to experiment with perceived reality and create your own world. Precepts are…

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