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Digging up Dyffryn – The Contemporary Archaeology of a Neolithic Tomb

May 22, 2017


During the bank holiday weekend recently gone, I visited a striking and distinctive Welsh Neolithic monument: the Dyffryn Neolithic ‘tomb’. This is a pairing of portal dolmens, each with entrances facing east, within a larger stone cairn.

Situated on a hillside overlooking Cardigan Bay on the outskirts of Dyffryn Ardudwy, Coflein has details of the monument here. The tomb has been heavily reconsolidated by the Ministry of Works following its excavation in 1961-2 by T.G.E. Powell.

The earlier, small portal dolmen is situated to the west (downslope) and was disturbed/robbed, perhaps during the Neolithic.

A second larger dolmen was built upslope to the east and both were set in a rectangular cairn. This second phase is associated with Neolithic and Bronze Age ceramics. A fine stone pendant was also found (featuring on the heritage display board). It is a beautiful spot with an over-hanging tree, as well as a striking…

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