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Desperate #Tories lying in their latest leaflets #GE17

May 21, 2017


may i'm lying.pngLetters landing on doormats this week sent by Theresa May to unwary voters shows signs of Tory desperation – and an shameless lie.

The letter, snappily titled ‘Making Brexit a success is central to our national interest‘, carries an image of Mrs May that can hardly be called engaging (shown above, although we added the text) – unlike ‘rock star‘ Jeremy Corbyn – and some extremely awkward language, as well as that lie. Here it is.

May lie leaflet p1May lie leaflet p2.pngThe leaflet claims that everyone will pay more tax under Labour, when Labour’s manifesto contains a firm promise that no one earning under £80,000 will pay more in tax or national insurance, meaning that 95%of the people of this country will pay nothing extra.

This is the same lie that the CCHQ has been promoting as ‘fake news’ on social media:

con fake news taxesWe expect the Tories to mislead and misrepresent. But outright…

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