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Theresa May tries talking to a human. Doesn’t go well (video) #GE17

May 2, 2017


After her bizarre flight from local reporters this morning in Cornwall – having locked a number of them in a cupboard – Theresa May, presumably feeling the pressure of Jeremy Corbyn’s much-lauded ease with the public, decided to try meeting some of them.

It didn’t go well.

May can be seen walking awkwardly down the street, trailing minders – again a complete contrast to Corbyn – and turning aside to talk to a human.

She should have known better.

The first human she chooses to talk to – a harmless-looking lady – says to May, in a harmless way:

Prime Minister, Brexit is not the only issue.

This clearly does not compute, as May simply ignores her and walks off. Here’s the video:

The audio quality is not great, but there’s no doubt what was said – as even the BBC’s Tory cheerleader-in-chief Laura Kuenssberg admitted:

lk brexit may.pngIf there was any…

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