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Why are women fleeing Theresa May’s office?

April 23, 2017


no 10 bmovieImage by @HonathanJunter

Something odd is going on in Theresa May’s office. Women – and only women – are suddenly jumping ship.

As the Daily Mirror reported, Downing Street press secretary Lizzie Loudon, May’s most senior spin doctor, quit unexpectedly on Friday – just days after May’s communications director Katie Perrior.

loudon perrierLizzie Loudon and Katie Perrior

A source has, apparently, told the Financial Times that the mood in number 10 has turned ‘from day to night’.

It’s not known why there is a sudden exodus and why it appears only women are involved. Is there a dispute over the planned direction of the campaign under newly-appointed, all-male team heading the campaign (Lynton Crosby, Mark Textor, Tory Chair Patrick McLoughlin and peer Stephen Gilbert)? Is the dark mood of the office to blame? Is there a more interpersonal reason?

Whatever the truth of the matter, it’s clear that all is…

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