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Anglesey – Ancient Tombs and Modern Rubbish

March 23, 2017


IMG_0223 Bryn Celli Ddu passage grave

On Thursday of this week, we followed the North Wales coast using the A55 to Ynys Mon. Passing over the Britannia Bridge, we turned left to explore a range of archaeological and historic sites through the morning and early afternoon in the south-east of the island.

I was last on Anglesey on 23rd March of this year, attending the fieldtrip connected to the ‘Converting Landscapes – A Converting the Isles Colloquium’, an event organised by Professor Nancy Edwards of Bangor University providing a platform for discussing the latest research on the conversion of early medieval societies to Christianity. At the event I served as moderator for papers by Dr Adrian Maldonaldo and Dr Betty O’Brien on Scotland and Ireland respectively. The superb but freezing cold fieldtrip was led by Nancy and took us to four sites of early medieval inscribed and sculpted stones, giving…

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