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Carwyn admits Wales could be on path to independence

March 22, 2017


Wales is treated worse than Scotland and could be heading toward Independence.

That’s the admission made by Carwyn Jones today as Theresa May visited Swansea to promote the impending snapelection triggering of Article 50.

His comments shows a man reaching peak frustration, willing to spill the family’s dirty little secret into the open.

“They (the Tory Government in London) are giving the impression sometimes that they do not listen.

“And what kind of message is that to the people of Wales?”

What kind of a message indeed.

It’s what has happened all along but Carwyn and his Unionist colleagues have, over the decades, refused to acknowledge. By denying this truth they shut down any discussion around the subject, thus denying Wales any hope of any level of equality within the…

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