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Tories Double Amount Of People Sleeping On The Street, Homelessness Now Same Level As Victorian Times

January 27, 2017

Enemy In A State

Government statistics released today show that the number of people “sleeping rough” on our streets have increased by 16% since last year — and has more than doubled since the Tories came into power in 2010 — from 1,768 to 4,134.

However, this statistic is largely misleading as it vastly underestimates the true scope of homelessness — which doesn’t just apply to people who are fighting for survival, whilst living and sleeping on the street in the freezing cold, in a state of starvation at any one time. Homelessness charity Crisis recently reported that 275,000 people approached their local councils for homelessness assistance — a 34% increase since 2010 — and noted that this figure rarely makes it into headline news. This makes the actual levels of homelessness comparable to those not seen since the victorian period. Tory policies are at the heart of this rapid growth  — housing benefit…

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