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Paleolithic Shamanism?

January 8, 2017

Guerilla Archaeology

Goat’s Hole cave, Paviland, on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales, is the name of the now famous burial of the ‘Red Lady’, who actually turned out to be a man! It is one of the best-known prehistoric burials in Britain – discovered back in 1823. 

Goat’s Hole Cave, the final resting place of the Red Man of Paviland

The cave dates to a period of early modern humans, who were the first to develop cave art. Cave paintings from this period have survived in France and northern Spain — areas unaffected by the return of the glaciers. No cave art was known in Wales until last year, when a small carving of a cervid, probably a reindeer, was discovered in a small alcove in another Gower cave, its location being kept secret as it has been damaged. This evidence, coupled with the evidence found at Paviland Cave, which has…

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