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Neolithic Shamanism?

January 8, 2017

Guerilla Archaeology

I’ve been studying the Neolithic period now for more than 8 years, and I really do think that we can observe shamanic attributes in their way of life, from monument building to daily life. In this post I will explore the Neolithic site of Knowth in Ireland. The aim is to show you how shamanism can be a near-universal framework which can be used successfully to identify the engraved art of the Boyne Valley passage tombs in Ireland – dating to around 5000 years ago – as shamanic interpretations of entoptic visual experience induced by altered states of consciousness.

See ‘What is a shaman’ for an detailed explanation of an altered state of consciousness.

The passage tomb at Knowth, Co.Meath, Ireland
© Ken Williams. Visit his site for more wonderful pictures of Irish rock art here:

The idea that Neolithic passage tombs were associated with a complex of consciousness-altering traditions…

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