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Bronze Age shamanism?

January 8, 2017

Guerilla Archaeology

This week, I’ll be moving forward into the Bronze Age, which dates to around 4000 years ago in Britain. Specifically, I’ll be exploring  the possible shaman’s grave at Upton Lovell round barrow in Wiltshire. Here, there is evidence for a very elaborate burial, with several objects suggesting that it was perhaps a grave of a shaman (even Stuart Piggott thought so, an archaeologist from the 60s!), let’s see what evidence there is…

A general view of three classic Wessex Bronze Age barrows: a bowl barrow, bell barrow and disk barrow

The Bronze Age in Britain dates to between around 2000 BC and 800 BC and is characterised by a new form of burial tradition and the introduction and use of bronze metal. Individuals were now being buried on their own under a single barrow or mound, accompanied with metal objects and prestige items. Previous communal burials like the various chambered tombs of the…

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