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The Curious Case Of An English Historian

September 29, 2016

Caru Cymru


Lucy Inglis…..

…..yesterday caused a Twitter stir when she decided that she might shake off some of her maudlin mid-life dissatisfaction by blaming Wales, our people and our language for the cause of her misery. Rather than sit quietly in a darkened room, contemplate her sorry lot and make change, she opted to blame 3,000,000 people hundreds of miles away for what one can only describe as the anti-climactic hole that is her life.

The crux of her feeble argument centres around the fact that as a child she visited a damp school camp and heard the staff speak Welsh. This, she concluded, was an outrage designed to exclude her. She has subsequently held a 40 plus year grudge and now has no qualms about sharing this racist bias with all of her 13,000+ Twitter followers. Really, Lucy?

None of us escaped her wrath!- even the ‘toxic’ S4C, home of…

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