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Exposing London 7/7: UK Jury Sides With False Flag Whistleblower. The Ripple Effect

May 11, 2016


‘To know who rules over you,  find out who you aren’t allowed to criticize.’  Voltaire

London Bombings done by UK Government 

Galaxian » May 19 2011

Britain’s Largest Terror Attack Likely “Mossad/MI-5″ Operation

Anthony John Hill, “Maud dib” Found Not Guilty for Exposing 7/7 “Inside Job”

“The story has been censored from the American media. Few Americans know of or remember the “British 9/11.” Fewer still are aware that a powerful legal case has been made showing full government complicity in the planning and execution of the attack and the extent the British government has gone to in order to suppress information about one of the worst kept secrets in history.

“Ripple Effect” (below) considered a threat to British “security” led to one of the most incomprehensible criminal cases in recent years.
On July 7, 2005, Britain suffered its largest terror attack, what they call “7/7,” their…

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