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Rimbaud defends Crass’ legacy against accusations that ‘punk was rubbish’

March 26, 2016

The Hippies Now Wear Black

With 2016 being widely heralded as punk rock’s fortieth anniversary, there’s already been (only three months into the year) a great deal of retrospective cultural revisiting of punk’s formative moments. Some of that reflection and reassessment has been insightful, but there’s also been great deal of dross: from crass revisionism and attempts at re-appropriation by pillars of the establishment; to desperate ‘look at me’ stunts from the overly-indulged; to a lot overwrought journalism, much of it of the “Ooh, can you believe what I just said? Well, I did. Did I shock you? Take that, your preconceptions!” variety.

In this latter stream of flamebait comes Noisey’s Punk Was Rubbish and it didn’t change anything: an investigation.

What’s most interesting about Jeremy Allen‘s piece is the contribution of Crass’ Penny Rimbaud, who provides the kind of forthright and fulsome defence of anarchist punk practice that he often appears…

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