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“Stealing Them Back”

February 22, 2016



We just learned who will be doing the foreword for the next issue of A Beautiful Resistance!  We’ll announce them on March 1st (sorry to be a tease!).

Also! March 1st is the deadline for submissions to the next issue.

Decolonizing Paganism

A very important criticism of “modern Paganism” is that it’s often quite colonialist, particularly in North America.  From the appropriation of First Nations beliefs by mainstream Paganism to the appropriation of African Diasporic Traditions by Polytheists to justify animal sacrifice, it would seem Paganism is unavoidably Colonialist.

Here are some links that may help us answer the question, how do we decolonize Paganism?

Occasional Gods&Radicals author Heathen Chinese has written a review of Pantheacon, but rather than focusing on the “Big Names,” he draws attention to indigenous voices and struggles:

Pantheacon is an annual “conference for Pagans, Heathens, Indigenous Non-European and many of diverse beliefs,” which…

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