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House of Commons Empties IN UNDER A MINUTE As Home Secretary Makes Statement On Child Abuse Inquiry

October 31, 2015

Researching Reform

It’s a depressing state of affairs when a fully packed chamber, filled with ministers during Prime Minister’s Question Time, suddenly empties when the topic of child welfare comes up.

And yet that’s exactly what happened when Theresa May gave her update on the nation’s child abuse inquiry, yesterday. It was not an insignificant moment or a routine formality, either. The Home Secretary was making a much-anticipated, ground breaking announcement relating to the inquiry which saw her reveal for the first time, the new status the inquiry would hold and, for the last time, a final Chair to lead that inquiry.

Worse still, a large number of female ministers chose to make a hasty exit before Miss May gave her address, giving the distinct impression that they too were occupied with far more pressing matters than child sexual abuse. In a world where women have for the most part had to champion…

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