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“HEAVEN’S GATE” EXPOSED: Satanic CIA/NWO False Flag Alien Invasion Suicide Brainwashing Operation in Damascus, OR?

May 19, 2015

Patriot News

(PATRIOT NEWS: This has FALSE FLAG and NWO MK ULTRA written all over it, folks. “DAMASCUS” is a HUGE ILLUMINATI fixation, as is the name of their OTHER location, “PHOENIX,” Arizona. This place is also on a huge mess of Ley Lines, and probably the same exact one as Damascus in the Middle East (see the end of this article for more what some people are claiming about Ley Lines) We went to the website linked to an article on these lunatics and found the following: 1) They call themselves “Oculus” 2) They brainwash their followers/victims into believing the lie that suicde is a good thing 3) They brainwash their followers into worshipping death 4) They brainwash their followers into believing the Satanic Vatican/NWO lie that our Lord Jesus Christ is a deformed alien about to come in a Nazi/Tesla UFO 4)They just moved into the area in 2009 5) They…

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