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Vitrified Scottish Forts

March 16, 2015

Annie Tittensor Independent Researcher

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I do not know how many times I have been asked about this. Every time the word “vitrification” is stated in my research as well as that of Jan Peter de Jong’s, Jesus Gamarra’s and Bob Newton’s, a lot of folks cite the research on the Scottish Vitrified Forts. As Jan Peter will tell you, the vitrified vestiges in Peru are a different kettle of fish. No ne seems to have addressed the research and the investigations into the 60 or more vitrified forts in Scotland. For this short article I will try my best to explain the Scottish vitrification process and will focus on what is known as “Fully Vitrified” .

What is Full/Total Vitrification?

Total vitrification appears to be the application of an extreme temperature evenly throughout the entire length or significant section of the rampart for a significant time, to the extent that the…

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