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Smilin’ Ears copies 2 landmark UK punk bootlegs by the Sex Pistols + Buzzcocks : SE 7706 + 7709

January 1, 2015


In the 1970’s, there were two phases when rock bootlegs managed to transcend their humble existence: First, in 1969/’70 when this was a new phenomenon, satisfying the urge to hear new/live material by 1960’s icons and giving those interested a first taste of how some of the hottest new acts of 1970 sounded live. Second, in 1977 in the UK when only bootlegs were the only medium to capture the fleeting nature of a musical revolution.

“…it would be impossible to consider either the social or musical impact of English punk without considering The Sex Pistols’ Spunk and Indecent Exposure, The Buzzcocks’ Time’s Up, Siouxsie and the Banshees’ Love In A Void or Joy Division’s Warsaw – albums as central to the movement as The Clash, Never Mind The Bollocks or Pink Flag. For a brief moment, the lines were down.” [Bootleg, Heylin, p. 163]


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