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Camino Portugues – DAY 3

October 1, 2014

The 1" Picture Frame

Rates – Barcelos : 16 Km

Carrier bags rustling. Too early. Need sleep. Please pack your bag elsewhere!!! rustle. rustle. zzzzzzzip. rustle. zzzzzzzzzzzip. almost an hour or more, rustle, rustle, parp, rustle, zzzzzzzzzip, cough, whisper, zzzzzip, right next to me. shhhhhhhhh

I woke up and everybody was gone. I walked to the bathroom and smiled at the cleaner lady who babbles something at me in Portugese and throws her arms around. In the mirror I look tired, hair stuck straight up like a shrub, eyes sagging and pained, in need of rest. I must keep in mind i am still on a comedown from Freekuency Festival last weekend so should go gentle on myself!
The sun didn’t come out and the cloudy day just lingered on and on.. My feet were in agony. I realised that these trainers I had blagged off Stevie G were totally unsuitable for walking over…

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